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MQL Programming Protection

Did you know that any mql4 or mql5 project could be hacked with an automatic decompiler within a couple of minutes? If you want to keep your trading strategy logic safe, it’s about time to protect your project.

MQL protection helps
  • to maintain the confidentiality of your MQL project while using it by the third party.
  • to eliminate the possibility of hacking your MQl project.
  • to prepare the project for the implementation of the license management system.
How does the MQL protection work?
DLL Type  
The quotations data is transferred from an MQL file to a DLL.
The trading commands are formed in the DLL.
Expert advisor executes the received trading commands.
  Download Ex4 protection demo (dll)
  Download Ex5 protection demo (dll)

Web Type
The quotations data is transferred from an MQL file to a DLL.
The data is encoded in the DLL and is transferred to the server.
On the server, after a successful authorization, the trading logic is formed according to the received data.
The trading logic commands are encoded and transferred back to the local computer.
Expert Advisor executes the trading commands.

:: Features ::

  DLL type Web type
Protection level 85% 99%
Operating speed High Average
Where the trading logic is stored Local computer (DLL file) Remote web-server
Authorization Not required Required
Suitable for projects Small, medium, becoming popular Medium, major, popular

What else is ordered with MQL protection

MetaTrader programming.
If your project hasn't been implemented yet or you would like to change it before introducing MQL protection, contact our specialists.
Deployment tools.
For the convenience of the project installation on the client's side we create an installer, which copies all the files into the desired directory. Your clients no longer need to know the details of MetaTrader.
License management.
Allows to manage the access to your project and customize the functionality for each user separately.
How we work?
Each project is unique, we don’t use automatic methods of protection.
After the MQL protection the project is optimized for improvement of performance while maintaining stability.
We guarantee
Confidentiality for you and your project.
100% refund in case of bad service.
Warranty service after the handing-over to the customer.

Ready to protect your expert advisor? Fill our request for quote form and get free price and time estimation for your project.

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