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Forex Live Trading Room

The key to make money in Forex market is to use our Elliott wave analysis and place your trades before currency market starts moving. With Live Trading Room, you receive Elliott wave Forex trading signals and also learn the reasons behind the trade setup. So, when the Elliott wave trade setup actually appears, you trade the market without fear!

Join our Elliott Wave Guru Mr. Muhammad Azeem inside daily virtual Forex Live trading room sessions. Monday to Friday - 5 days a week.

Order Elliott Wave Live Trading Room

Humans are not solitary creatures - we like company. Solitude drives us mad - it makes us allow mistakes in our currency trading, fall prey to various psychological fallacies, and ultimately have a much more difficult time learning. Forex trading is NOT a solitary activity. Join our Forex live trading room today and find out for yourself just how social currency trading can be!

Elliott Wave Live Trading Room

What is Elliott Wave Forex Live Trading Room?

It is a screen sharing session using GotoWebinar - Citrix software in which our Certified Elliott Wave Analyst Mr. Muhammad Azeem presents his Elliott Wave Forecast for 10 Spot Forex currency pairs along with Spot Gold and Silver, using Elliott Wave Principle. Every trading day, Mr. Azeem analyze Forex market charts and look for potential trading opportunities using Elliott Wave trade setups. He provides you Forex trading signals. Also, he talks about critical support and resistance levels, short term and long term market trends, Price Patterns, False break outs, Best trading ideas and explain them inside an online Forex Live Trading Room sessions.

Elliott Wave Analysis

What is inside Elliott Wave Live trading room?

10 Spot Forex pairs Elliott Wave Forecast
Spot Gold and Silver Elliott Wave Analysis
Market overview using Elliott Wave principle
1 Hour and 15 Minutes Elliott wave counts
4 Hour, Daily and Weekly Elliott wave counts
Strong key support and resistance levels
Potential Elliott Wave trade setups
Live technical market analysis sessions
Forex trading signals with exact entry, stop loss and profit target levels
Live Forex trading with real money
Question and Answer sessions

Elliott Wave Forex Live trading room duration?
Daily, 1 hour live trading room session (London)
Daily, 1 hour live trading room session. (New York)

What time is Live trading room open?
Daily, we run live trading room, twice a day.
London session from 07:00 AM to 08:00 AM GMT.
New York session from 01:00 PM to 02:00 PM GMT.

What days of the week Live Trading room open?
Monday to Friday, 5 days a week.

Do you provide Forex trading signals?
Yes, we do provide Forex trading signals but not directly inside Live trading room. We do not just tell you to buy here or sell over there. Our approach is to educate traders. So, we basically first talk about the technical reasons behind an Elliott wave trade setup and why we suggest a possible trading chance. Next, we provide exact entry, stop loss and take profit levels on a price chart.

Who is it suitable for?
The Elliott Wave Analysis and trade setups provided inside live trading room is suitable for the all types of Spot Forex, Gold and Silver traders. If you are a short term trader or medium term trader then Forex Live trading room is for you.

Elliott Wave Predictions

We prepare Elliott Wave Predictions in multiple Forex charts and currency traders could easily take the benefit of our Elliott wave analysis by attending our live trading room sessions. It is a good idea to know about Forex trend in advance before you actually start playing with real money. Our LTR is also suitable for Forex trading system users because we also talk about the nature of short term and long term market trend plus market volatility.

How much does it cost?
Elliott Wave Forex Live Trading Room is not available for Free. This means, there is a price to pay to attend online Elliott Wave Forex Live Trading Room sessions. Below are the subscription plans.

Monthly subscription fee US$ 29/-
Quarterly subscription fee US$ 79/-
Annually subscription fee US$ 299/-

How to access Live Trading Room?
You must be a PAID member to access Live Trading Room member area. If your current user name and password do not allow you to access our Live Trading Room then contact us. If you are a new Forex trader and you want to pay for Live Trading Room member area then order now.

Order Elliott Wave Live Trading Room

Live Trading Room

What Forex currency pairs we cover?
EUR/USD, EUR/GBP, GBP/USD, GBP/JPY, EUR/JPY, USD/JPY, AUD/USD, NZD/USD, USD/CAD and USD/CHF Spot currency pairs. So, we present our Elliott Wave Analysis in ten spot FX currency pairs.

Do you cover Spot Gold and Silver?
Yes, we do cover Spot Gold and Silver charts.

On what time frame we forecast and trade?
Our trend analysis, Elliott Wave Predictions and Elliott Wave Analysis are based on Fifteen minutes, One hour, Four hours, Daily, Weekly and Monthly time frames. We cover five different time frames, per FX currency pair. In our judgment there is too much market noise present in smaller time frames and due to this reason, higher time frames Elliott Wave analysis work much better.

What is our Forecasting & Trading methodology?
We use combination of Elliott wave patterns, Technical indicators, Japanese Candlestick patterns, Price Patterns, Elliott's trend lines, Fibonacci Retracement, Fibonacci Expansion, Strong key support and resistance levels to prepare our Elliott Wave Predictions and Trade Setups.

Elliott Wave Live Trading Room
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