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Trade Setups
Five Price Patterns

Course Fee

In US$ 199/-
(one hundred ninety nine US dollars)
Course Delivery Online Streaming Videos
Difficulty level You must already know the basics of Forex trading.
Time Required 2 weeks time - Ten recorded video lessons.

Price Patterns Trading

I want you to make profit in Spot Forex market. I offer five best price pattern trade setups with clear entry, stop loss, trailing stop, take profit and money management rules. Learn Price Patterns trading course from me and start making money!

Total six hours of online educational video lessons are presented inside complete Price Patterns home study course. Learn to trade Forex currency pairs using price action is a good approach. A trader could easily trade Forex chart patterns which include both major reversal patterns and continuation patterns to make big profit in Fx market.

Course Overview Video
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Forex Chart Patterns

Lesson 1: Japanese Candlestick Charting.
Lesson 2: Introduction to Technical Indicators.
Lesson 3: Investor Psychology Behind Patterns.
Lesson 4: Head and Shoulder.
Lesson 5: Double Top and Bottom.
Lesson 6: Triangles and Wedges.
Lesson 7: V Tops.
Lesson 8: Cup and Handle.
Lesson 9: Money Management.
Lesson 10: Trading Practice.

Order Price Patterns Trading Course

In our judgment, most technical indicators are lagging indicators. This means most of the indicators spot reversals on Fx currency pair charts, usually late. It is a good idea to use technical indicators to confirm a pattern or trading setup but a trader should not give a lot of weight on technical tools. We have designed Price patterns trading course for intermediate and advanced Forex traders. If you do not know the basics of currency trading then you need to first learn our other Forex trading system course.

Inside Price patterns trading course there are ten online educational training videos. Inside the online Fx learning member area, students could watch and study with the help of online streaming educational videos at hours that are convenient to them for next 1 year time. Course subscribers also get access to download pdf ebooks, custom indicators and necessary learning material. Learn trading chart patterns easily with the help of our online trading chart patterns course. Students could also ask questions related to chart patterns and get answers via email support.

Trading Chart Patterns

Most Forex traders do not have the time to watch and trade Forex market for eight straight hours as they may have a day job or business to care. However; they still want to trade Forex chart patterns but their busy work routine and responsibilities do not allow them to do so. To help Forex traders, we teach two major reversal chart patterns inside Trading Chart Patterns course which only work in daily time frame. A trader analyzes Forex charts and look for trading setups in daily chart with simple trading rules. Like if there is a trading chance then take the trade and if there is no trading chance then just shut down the computer. Our students only spend one hour per day for price patterns trading because in daily time frame, a new candlestick appears after 24 hours interval. In this way, Forex traders easily manage to do their day job and also manage to trade the Forex market as well.

Now some traders have the time to sit and watch the currency market, up to eight hours, daily. They are only interested in day trading and short term trading chart patterns. To accommodate such traders, we also teach three continuation price patterns inside our trading chart patterns course. These short term Forex chart patterns appear in one hour and thirty minutes time frame.

In short; our Trading Chart Patterns course teaches both short term and long term price patterns to trade multiple currency pairs.

How you are going to get course?

After paying us the fee, you will get online member area access to watch Price Patterns trading course streaming videos. You will also get access to download technical indicators, pdf e-books and necessary trading course material.

What course subscribers get:

• You will learn five Price Patterns trading methods.
• Ten recorded MP4 videos.
• Ten pdf e-books.
• Three MetaTrader 4 custom indicators.
• Proprietary money management calculator.
• Student help and support via email for 1 year.
• Online member area access for 1 year.

Order Price Patterns Trading Course
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