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   provides educational Forex products and services

About Us Office
  • Office at: Des Moines, Iowa, USA.
  • web site is owned by Mr. Muhammad Azeem.
  • Web site is online since 5-May-2006.
  • You can reach us by filling online contact us form.

Mr. Azeem has published many free e-books and Elliott Wave Forecast videos on Spot Forex trading. You can also find him on Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, FaceBook, Pinterest, DailyMotion and Youtube

Mr. Muhammad Azeem started his trading journey by joining a local Commodity and Forex brokerage house as a business executive in year 2001, Lahore, Pakistan.

In year 2002 he joined Top worth Investments Limited, Hong Kong to learn more about trading and portfolio management.

From year 2003 to 2006 Mr. Azeem worked as a guest trading agent and Forex mentor with Rock investments, LLC

In year 2006 Mr. Azeem started his own web site, After doing a lot of research and hard work; Azeem developed his own Forex trading video course and Meta trader 4 custom indicators.

He wrote many e-books and articles on Spot Forex trading, and also runs his own Swap free and Segregated Forex managed account program for individual traders and investors.

In addition, Azeem has published financial forecast on major Spot Forex currency pairs and Gold and he keeps a trading journal at FX Fisherman and is a frequent contributor of trading articles to several other portals.

Trading Education and Experience

Mr. Azeem has attended around 300 online paid seminars and courses covering almost every topic in the field of Trading, Technical analysis & Trend forecasting, Trading systems, Money management, Investor physiology, Chart patterns and Elliott wave analysis etc., and has read over 300 books on different trading topics.

In year 2012, Mr. Azeem has passed Certified Elliott Wave Analyst Level 1 Exam with 93% score.


  • Currency market forecasting and creation of trading systems using sound technical analysis methods.
  • Elliot wave analysis and chart patterns
  • Line based studies and Fibonacci analysis
  • Creation of trading systems based on price patterns.
  • 10 years of experience in conducting online 1 to 1 webinars and group sessions.
  • Teaching online Forex trading courses since Year 2006.

Muhammad Azeem holds a graduate degree in the field of computer science. He has learned and used online conference, online webinar, screen sharing, screen recording and remote assistance softwares like:

* HotComm
* Adobe Live Connect
* GotoMeeting and GotoWebinar - Citrix
* Team Viewer
* Screen recording, audio + video editing and    rendering inside Camtasia studio 5, 6, 7 and 8
* Screen shot capturing and image editing inside    Corel draw 12 and Snagit 8, 9 and 10.

Trading Style and Methodology
Mr. Azeem is a pure technician and he solely employs technical market analysis in trading. He believes that the news is just the catalyst for technical events. In his opinion, prices are so far ahead of any news story as every conceivable fundamental possibility has already been discounted.

About Losing Trades:
I do lose trades, some times. So, losing trades do occur and it is the cost of doing the business over here. If I am in a losing trade then I usually try to close it as soon as possible and I do not marry my trades. Not to mention that I always trade with stop loss along with money management rules. I try to lose less and win more and that is why I keep making money in Forex trading.

About Winning Trades:
Winning trades do occur and I always wait with patience for a valid price pattern to develop on price charts. I usually do not trade with profit target or take profit. I let my profits run! I use different types of exit strategies (trailing stops) to pull maximum pips out of the market.

Forex Trading System
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