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Testimonial from Student

"I thought this was just another FX Course and the only reason I took it was the fact it came highly recommended by a friend. And boy am I glad I took it. Mr Azeem not only want you to make many pips but he has filters in place to make sure you do not lose many pips. This is the only course I have been on where I am actually making money. This course is very rewarding and Mr Azeem is always there to answer any questions you might have. If your trading is going nowhere this is definitely the course for you."

- Mr. Geoff Gravenor Norfolk, United Kingdom

Forex Live Trading Room provides educational Forex products and services
Trade Setups
Three Trading Systems

Course Fee

In US$ 499/-
(four hundred ninety nine US dollars)
Course Delivery 1 to 1 online lessons
Difficulty level You must already know the basics of Forex trading.
Time Required 1 week time - Six online educational classes.

Forex Trading Strategies

I would like you to make money in the Spot Fx market. Do you know how to pull dollars out of the currency market? Well this is the right place to learn. Learn Forex Trading Strategies course from me and start making money!

Making money in Forex trading is not an easy task because 90% currency traders only lose money in this business. In order to pull profit out of currency market all currency traders must have at least two or more profitable Forex trading strategies. Many traders do not realize the fact that Fx market is dynamic. Average daily trading range expands and contracts. Also on a daily basis, you get a trending market environment or you get a sideways moving price action. Based on our extensive market research and trading experience, 80% of the time price does not trend and shows a sideways price action.

Inside our Forex trading strategies course we teach one trend following trading system and two sideways Forex Trading Strategies. As mentioned above, on some trading days, market move sideways and some times show trending movement. Smart Forex traders must learn two to three Forex trading methods and do not just keep trading one Forex trading system. We teach three Forex day trading systems to trade the EUR/USD currency pair during London market session.

Forex Trading System

Almost all traders want to trade the currency market on a daily basis but not every day is a good trading day. This means, if you get a trading signal with your learned Forex trading system then you enter in a market and if there is no trading chance then you must stay out of the market. Forex trading strategies that we teach to our students first identify the market direction. Next, if market is in a trending mode then a trader must use a trend following method and if price is moving sideways then use sideways Forex trading system. Our day trading methods work with EUR/USD currency pair.

Traders must accept the fact that some times losing trades do occur and to help our students to control risk in trading we also teach money management rules. Furthermore, there is a proprietary money management calculator included in Microsoft Excel format. Learn Forex trading to master psychology and we also teach self discipline and investor psychology to our pupils. Learn Forex Trading with the help of 6 online educational workshops. You will get 1 to 1 private online lessons via online meeting software. So, students could ask questions with their Forex mentor and get answers in real time.

Course Overview Video
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Learn Forex Trading

In total, you will learn three Forex day trading systems. In summary you will get the following:

• Two sideways Forex day trading systems.
• One trend following Forex day trading system.
• Six online private educational webinars. (1 to 1)
• Three MetaTrader 4 custom indicators with coding.
• Proprietary money management calculator.
• Proprietary Forex trading diary.
• Student help and support via email (60 days).

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