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Testimonial from Students

"Your Elliott wave trade setups are truly remarkable. In the span of eight weeks, I've gleaned more knowledge than I have in the past five years. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to you for your diligent efforts. Mr. Azeem's mentorship within the realm of personalized online classes is commendable. The invaluable assistance you provide is beyond measure. I am now unequivocally confident in my ability to trade profitably, a sentiment that brings immense relief. Once again, thank you immensely, and may divine blessings be upon you."

- Peter Vincent, New Jersey, United States


"Absolutely love your course! I am an Airline Captain and the structure of your trading with Elliott wave course closely mirrors our training approach. I have bought your course and I just wanted to say how awesome your Forex trading course is! I've been through it and started trading. Can you believe I made $4500 in just two weeks? Your course material is so clear and easy to follow. It's the first time I feel like I've got the right technical indicators and support to really make a difference in my finances. Thanks a million!"

- Aemilia Hill, London, United Kingdom


"First and foremost, I extend my gratitude for the exceptional training you have provided. Although I recognize that I am still in the nascent stages of my journey, I must commend the remarkable precision of your Elliott wave patterns with the combination of special technical indicators which have proven accurate for me three consecutive days. Your methodology has not only illuminated but also guided my path in Forex trading, transforming what was once considered unwise investment into astute financial decisions. Thank you sincerely for your invaluable guidance."

- Benjamin Shorrock, South Carolina, United States


" Hats off to my teacher Muhammad Azeem for teaching me craft of Forex trading and investment. I feel that studying Forex trading and forecasting with Elliott wave at ReadyForex institute has improved my Forex trading skill, knowledge and confidence in currency trading. I would not have dreamed of touching the Forex markets before. I now feel confident enough to take a trade. Mr. Azeem is very engaging. If you have a Forex trading question; he is very quick to respond and he explain the how, why and when. The Elliott wave online trading course gives me an opportunity to talk with my Forex teacher every day, to ask questions at any time and get help in currency trading."

- Nguyen Thanh Liem, Hanoi, Vietnam provides educational Forex products and services
Trade Setups
All Elliott Wave Patterns

Course Fee

In US$ 2,900/-
( two thousand and nine hundred US Dollars )
Course Delivery 1 to 1 online private lessons
Difficulty level You must already know the basics of Price Patterns
Time Required 2 months time - Forty online educational classes

Trading With Elliott Wave

Learn the Last, Final and Ultimate Forex trading method to make money in Forex market. I want to make you another Muhammad Azeem and I want you to trade just like me.

I will provide you Elliott wave course material and best Elliott wave text book and we read it together. I will explain it to you the Trade Setups and patterns. Class days are Monday to Friday. Five days a week. Each class run time duration is 1 hour. You will get 1 to 1 private online Forex educational classes.

If you are looking seriously to earn money in Forex market then you need a personal Forex Mentor. Some one to help you, answer all of your Forex trading questions for next 2 months time and available for you, every day (Monday to Friday). Order Trading with Elliott wave course, learn Forex trading and start making money. So, when the Elliott wave trade setup appears, you trade without fear!

Trading With Elliott Wave Track record

See the following trading examples:

+70 pips GBP/USD Elliott Wave Trade
+80 pips USD/JPY Elliott Wave Trade
+102 pips USD/CHF Elliott Wave Trade
+103 pips USD/CHF Elliott Wave Trade
+103 pips EUR/JPY Elliott Wave Trade
+108 pips USD/JPY Elliott Wave Trade
+129 pips GBP/USD Elliott Wave Trade
+129 pips USD/JPY Elliott Wave Trade
+147 pips EUR/USD Elliott Wave Trade
+190 pips GBP/USD Elliott Wave Trade
+198 pips AUD/USD Elliott Wave Trade
+235 pips EUR/USD Elliott Wave Trade
+252 pips GBP/USD Elliott Wave Trade
+252 pips AUD/USD Elliott Wave Trade
+252 pips GBP/JPY Elliott Wave Trade
+393 pips USD/CAD Elliott Wave Trade

We have designed our course after getting a lot of requests from Forex traders and students, interested in getting online Elliott wave theory educational classes. Our Elliott wave training program consists of forty 1 to 1 online private lessons to help fellow traders to learn and understand the concepts and trade the Forex market.

Trading With Elliott Wave

Online lesson duration is one hour per class. If you already know the basics of Forex trading but you are still struggling to make profit in Forex market then this is the best course for you. Please note, this is an advance course designed to clear out the confusions related to Elliott wave analysis and Trading which covers price projections, Entry, Stop loss, Trailing stop, Take profit level and Money management. So, it is not suitable for beginners and novice traders.

You will learn:

  • Elliott Wave rules
  • Elliott Wave guidelines
  • Elliott Wave calculation formulas
  • Elliott Wave projections
  • Fibonacci retracements and expansions
  • Preferred Elliott Wave Count
  • Alternative Elliott Wave Count
  • How to sell at price action top
  • How to buy at price action bottom

Elliott Wave Training

Do you know the difference between Men and Boys in Forex trading? Men make profit on consistent basis and boys do not! Be a Man! I want you to make profit on consistent basis. So, stop losing money in FX Trading. Learn Elliott Wave Course and start making money in Forex market.

Elliott Wave Training

In our view, Elliott wave training classes provide a golden chance to learn online without leaving the comfort of your home. If you have already tried to learn Elliott wave principle in past and only lost money in currency trading then this is your chance to clear out all of your Forex trading and forecasting problems, once and for all with the help of trading with Elliott wave course.

Order Trading With Elliott Wave Course

Elliott Wave Theory

In our opinion, there is a lot of difference present between trading and forecasting the market. Due to this reason, we have divided Elliott wave theory classes into two separate levels.

Inside Level 1, we teach Elliott Wave Principle book, explain the Elliott wave rules, guidelines, Fibonacci retracement and expansion levels in an easy to understand way. Usually it takes one full month time to understand the Elliott wave principle.

Inside level 2, we do demo trading for one full month. On a daily basis, a Forex teacher will show you how to analyze the Forex charts and then look for Elliott wave patterns to trade the Forex market. The Forex currency pairs are easy to trade but if you just take trading with Elliott wave course and start doing Forex trading then you will lose money for sure. You also need trading practice to gain experience. Without proper Elliott wave training, trading practice and experience a trader can not pull consistent profits out of the Forex market.

Why Elliott Wave works

Trading Psychology

Elliott Wave trading is based on crowd psychology and mass behavior of currency traders. Most of the time, people do mistakes in trading and lose money in Forex trading. With the help of Elliott wave, you always trade with an Edge in trading. As comapred to other FX Traders, you will be always one stop ahead in the trading game.

Elliott Wave Course
  • Forecast tomorrow's price levels, today.
  • Learn once in your life and start making money.
  • No need to care about any kind of NEWS in trading.
  • Trade your favorite Spot Forex currency pairs.
  • Trade from 1 minute to monthly charts.
  • Do Scalping, Day trading and Position trading.
  • Clear entry, stop loss and take profit levels.
  • Investment & Trading psychology classes included.

Elliott Wave Course

To us; every student is special and important. Due to this reason, we teach educational Elliott wave theory lessons inside 1 to 1 online private classes.

In summary you will get the following:

• Forty online private educational classes. (1 to 1)
• Printable Elliott Wave Patterns flash cards.
• Proprietary Money management calculator.
• Proprietary Elliott Wave Calculator in Excel.
• Student help and support via email (60 days).

If you really have a desire to make money in Forex trading then first learn Forex trading from me. Attend 1 to 1 online Forex trading course.

Order Trading With Elliott Wave Course
Forex Trading System
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