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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Q: What is a Managed Forex account?
A: Managed Forex Account is a Forex trading account opened and owned by an investor at a Forex brokerage firm, but managed (traded) by a Money manager on his/her behalf. The money manager open and close trades on a client Forex trading account using his trading experience. However; money manager can not transfer and withdraw any money from a client Forex trading account. The client retain full control over his/her Forex trading account at all time, as money manager is granted “Trade Only” access to the Forex trading account.

Q: How to hire a Money Manager to place trades on my behalf on my own Forex trading account?
A: You need to sign a Limited Power of Attorney (LPOA) agreement. It is a legally binding agreement for the Money Manager to place trades in the investor(s) account. LPOA does not transfer any kind of ownership of the Forex account in any way and investor(s) could revoke the LPOA at any moment. Money Manager could only open, manage and close trades on behalf of investor.

Q: What are average monthly profits?
A: Our average ROI is between 4% to 8% per month and it depends upon market volatility and price movement.

Q: What are average monthly draw down?
A: Average monthly draw down is between 4% to 8% per month and it depends upon market volatility and price movement. We always do our best to control risk and our draw down limit is 30%. For monthly profit and draw down, please visit Forex Managed accounts performance web page.

Q: What fees do you charge?
A: 2% account management fee (one time only) and 30% performance fee of profits made each month based on high watermark. If we do not make any profits, we receive no performance fee.

Q: What type of Forex brokers do you accept Forex account with?
A: We only accept MetaTrader 4 compatible brokers. If your current Forex broker does not offer MT4 trading platform then you need to change your Forex broker.

Q: How do I monitor trading activity in my account?
A: The Forex brokerage firm will supply you with an account number and investor password. You can view 24/7 all live trades as they happen via MetaTrader 4 trading terminal. Using MT4 interface you could also generate detailed reports.

Q: I want to see your past trading performance. Can you provide me your Forex trading account statement?
A: Yes it is possible. Please contact us.

Q: Are there restrictions, penalties or rules for withdrawals?
A: There are no penalties to withdraw. However; Investor/Client is bound to stay with our Managed Forex account program for minimum 3 calendar months’ time. Money Manager and Investor/Client; both reserve right to cancel Limited Power of Attorney agreement or continue it after 3 months time. So, if you do withdraw after 3 calendar months then you must send us a notification email prior to your withdrawal. You should email us 7 days in advance so, we do not open any new trading positions on your Forex trading account(s).

Q: How do I withdraw funds or stop trading on my account?
A: You can tell us to stop trading on your Forex account at anytime by sending us a notification email and withdraw your funds as well.

Q: I have an account at XYZ broker. Can you trade my already opened account?
A: Yes but that broker must have MetaTrader 4.

Q: What is the minimum Forex account to start?
A: 10k (US$ 10,000/-) Mini Account.

Q: What is the maximum leverage to use?
A: 1:100.

Q: Can I open Islamic forex or Islam forex account?
A: Yes you can with most currency brokers. It is known as a Swap free forex trading account.

Q: Do you accept clients from all countries?
A: We do not solicit residents of Japan, USA and Canada to open Forex trading accounts. Citizens of mentioned countries (regardless of residence) are not accepted. Residents and citizens of the UN sanctioned countries are also not accepted.

Q: What is the surety that Forex account will never exceed from the pre-defined draw down limit agreed between the client and the fund manager?
A: We always trade with stop loss. Without stop loss, we do not open any trade. Also, all trades are taken with 1% risk per trade. So, we do our best to control the risk. However; if a price opens with a gap against the stop loss or price moves away 1000 pips in less than one hour time then most Fx brokers try to close the trade at best available price and you do get a slippage on your stop loss in such case.

Q: What kind of trading methods you use?
A: Our trading approach is based on Elliott wave principle, Fibonacci and trading in the direction of market trend. Suffice to say that we use pure technical analysis to trade the Forex market. We do not trade with NEWS and we do not care about any kind of NEWS in trading.

Q: What currency pairs do you usually trade?
A: Main focus on six Spot Forex currency pairs. EUR/USD, EUR/JPY, USD/JPY, AUD/USD, USD/CAD and GBP/USD currency pairs.

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